NZ-13G component cutters (reversed jaw)

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The ENGINEER NZ-13G are reversed jaw 'offset' cutters - the offset handle design makes it possible to cut IC legs in full view of the user (holding the cutters vertically relative to the PCB). The jaws have a super fine cutting edge, which enables easy flush cutting of electronic component leads and avoids tearing or solder cracking on the circuit board.

  • super fine reversed blade - each tip measures just 0.3mm (perfect for cutting narrow pitch QFP &  SOP components)
  • the reversed blades make it possible to accurately view while cutting awkward components
  • cutting action designed to avoid tearing off or damaging the circuit board solder joint 
  • ESD-safe handles made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPR) for a comfort grip
  • sprung grips (handles spring out when released)
  • lightweight (just 35g)
  • cutting capacity (φ dia.): 0.6mm copper wire
  • constructed from S55C Carbon Steel
  • made in Japan