ENGINEER PZ-79 screw removal pliers with cable shear jaws

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A new addition to ENGINEER's superb range of 'Neji-Saurus'  pliers - the ENGINEER PZ-79 VA multi-function screw removal pliers with non slip gripping jaws + Cable Shears jaws (proving to be exceptionally popular amongst Electricians & Tradesman)
The PZ-79 VA has several useful features (which can be viewed in the product video click here >> ENGINEER PZ-79 VA Product Video <<)...
1. Dual-function plier jaw ends (see the third gallery photo). 
i) One side of the jaw ends is configured with ENGINEER's renowned neji-saurus gripping jaws - specially designed for the quick & easy removal of rusted, worn/damaged/stripped screws ...unlike other pliers, these pliers won't slip (or slip off). Of course these pliers will remove normal (non-damaged) screws, so in essence the pliers can be used as a screwdriver
ii) The other side of the PZ-79 VA jaw ends are configured with a cross-hatch groove structure - this part of the plier jaws can be use to securely grab/grip tie-wraps, thin plate etc.  without any slippage.
2. Cable Shear jaws - these are positioned in the centre of the jaw unit for the easy & precise/clean cutting of thick electrical cable, coax etc. 
3.Crimping function - at the rearmost part of the jaws are crimping dies for emergency/simple crimping of CE Sleeves, grounding terminals etc (1.25mm~3.5mm² wire)
Click here to see the demo video >> ENGINEER PZ-79 multi-function screw pliers demo video <<  (the video is presented in Japanese by the President of ENGINEER ...but carries English subtitles) 
  • quickly extract rusty, damaged screws (where the heads are worn/stripped) - (for screws with a head diameter of 3mm~9.5mm), much easier to use than other screw removal tools - just grip & twist the damaged screw out!
  • remove specialised screw - even tamper proof screws
  • equipped with powerful Cable Shear jaws, allows easy one-handed cutting of electrical cable - cleanly & precisely  (e.g. upto 2.6mm² Twin & Earth cable) 
  • crimping functionality (1.25mm~3.5mm² wire)
  • constructed from Carbon Steel (hardened to HRC60±2)
  • ROHS compliant