ENGINEER PZ-78 Electrician's combination + screw removal pliers

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A new arrival from Japan (where these pliers are making waves in amongst Electricians & Tradesman) are the ENGINEER PZ-78 multi-function screw removal pliers....

These pliers come equipped with ENGINEER's renowned neji-saurus gripping jaws - specially designed for the quick & easy removal of rusted, worn/damaged screws ...unlike other pliers, these screw pliers won't slip (or slip off). The pliers have long handles - which also allows high gripping / cutting force at the jaws....ideal for cutting thick cable. These pliers can also crimp bare terminals AWG16~12.

  • equipped with powerful side cutting jaws - perfect for cutting flat VVF electrical cable (2.6mm core x 3) 
  • capable of cut copper wire (up to 4mm diameter), stranded copper wire (up to 8mm²), steel wire (up to 3.2mm diameter) & stainless steel wire (up to 2mm)
  • quickly extract rusty, damaged screws (where the heads are worn/stripped) - much easier to use than other screw removal tools - just grip & twist the damaged screw out!
  • remove specialised screw - even tamper proof screws (screw head diameters 3mm~9.5mm)
  • crimping functionality jaws for bare terminals AWG16~12
  • ergonomic oil-resistant TPR (thermoplastic rubber) grips for unmatched comfort
  • constructed from Carbon Steel (hardened to HRC60±2)
  • made in Japan (ROHS compliant)

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