SKC-70 cordless gas soldering iron (piezo ignition)

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The SKC-70 has a super quick heat up time with a one-touch operation (via built-in piezo ignition button to ignite the gas). A single gas refill can last up to 4hrs operation (most butane gas soldering irons typically only last 40 minutes)

This soldering iron has a variable temperature control (yielding the equivalent power output to a 20W-80W electric soldering iron)

The ENGINEER SKC-70 soldering iron comes supplied with the following accessories…

1 x ENGINEER SK-71 taper tip bit (1mm tip)
1 x ENGINEER SK-83 hot blow tip (4.9mm dia.)
1 x Multi-Holder
1 x Plastic protective cap

The multi-holder allows several configurations to 'rest' down the soldering iron temporarily whilst in use - see the photo gallery. (Re the photo where the SKC-70 is hanging on a wire - it shows a chisel type tip fitted, but the SKC-70 is not supplied with a chisel type tip - the photo is for illustrative purposes only)

PLEASE NOTE: Due to strict International and Domestic shipping regulations wrt gases, this product is shipped without any butane gas. (suitable butane gas can be sourced easily from most high street - newsagents, mini-supermarkets etc.)
  • super quick heat up with one-touch operation
  • built-in piezo ignition button to ignite the gas (no lighter or matches required)
  • • up to 4hrs operation off one gas fill (many other cordless soldering irons only last 40 minutes)
  • variable temperature control (equivalent to 20W-80W electric soldering iron)
  • flameless and safe heat generating system by patented gas catalyst reaction
  • supplied with innovative multi-holder - this allows several configurations to 'rest' down the iron temporarily
  • made in Japan