Rapid SCREW EXTRACTOR Remover kit, hex socket head (Allen type) screws ENGINEER DZ-84

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The DZ-84 Rapid Screw Extractor kit is a new innovative screw removal / extractor product released by ENGINEER (Japan) for removing hex socket head (Allen) screws with damaged heads.

The bits can either be used manually (i.e. for use with supplied DZ-80 mini driver handle) ...or they can also be inserted into a 6.35mm Electric Screwdriver / Impact driver (or an Electric drill). 

  • a super fast & easy way to remove socket head screws with damaged heads
  • no power, no drilling and no hammer required to get a damaged screw out - just press the extractor bit firmly into the ruined hex screw head & twist it out
  • the sharp and fine-pitch spiral tip 'grips' all 6 sides of a hex socket firmly without slippage
  • target screw type: Hex socket cap bolts (i.e. (Allen type), hex countersunk or hex button head - M1, M1.6, M2, M3, M4, M5 & M6 (see photo gallery for more information) ...and for grub/set screws sizes M2~M10
  • Other screw head types such as Phillips, Torx, square socket can be extracted if an electric drill is used to drill a pilot hole in the screw head first.
  • the foremost part of the mini driver handle has an integrated hex metal nut - this accepts a 13mm spanner (not supplied) to allow bolstering (applying high leverage/force) on a particularly stubborn/stuck screw
  • driver handle accepts standard 6.35mm (1/4") hex drive shafts
  • included in this kit... 1 x DZ-80 (mini driver handle with rotary cap) + 7 bits (65mm long) for extracting hex socket head (Allen) type screws of different head sizes (the bits have 'stepped' shafts, thereby facilitating insertion into deeper/narrower type holes & recesses)
  • MAde in Japan

A short demo video of a sibling product the DBZ-20 (a 4pc bit set << these bits function in the same way as the DZ-84 kit being sold in this listing) can be viewed here in the product gallery

You may also wish to view another sibling product - the DZ-273 - which has the same bits within it, but has a mini ratchet driver handle instead. The DZ-273 product & it's associated video can be viewed here >> ENGINEER DZ-273 <<