ENGINEER TN-02W jeweller's saw (125mm 'throat')

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The ENGINEER TN-02W is a lightweight Jeweller's saw with a nice wooden handle/grip.

This saw has a 125mm 'throat' (i.e. the distance between the blade's cutting edge and the inner top edge of the frame).

Supplied with three heat-treated SKS Steel blades

1. The TN-17 blade (pre-fitted) has 38 teeth and is for cutting steel sheet/plastic/wood
2. The TN-13 blade has 53 teeth and is for cutting brass
3. The TN-15 blade has 43 teethand and is for cutting copper

The frame accepts standard 130mm long fret saw type blades (the type of blade without pins at each end - such Herkules).

  • lightweight, durable and well-balanced frame design - 75mm 'throat'
  • cutting edge of saw blade can set at 90 degrees to the frame (perfect for cutting lengthy workpieces)
  • nice wooden handle
  • supplied with 3 heat treated SKS blades for cutting different materials (high quality blades made in germany by Herkules)
  • frame accepts standard easy-to-source 130mm fret saw type blades (the type without pins at the ends - e.g. Herkules)
  • made in Japan (ROHS compliant)