DNC-55T hex catch nut driver

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The ENGINEER DNC-55T is a compact hex nut catch driver for flanged hex screwheads measuring 5.5mm 'across flats'.

  • sliding magnet within the socket head attracts & catches a hex bolt while automatically adapting to different head heights
  • ideal for copy and fax maintenance work.
  • short length is ideal for working in tight spaces
  • robust, solid shaft machined from one piece of metal (*Hardness HRC35)
  • ROHS2 compliant
  • Width across flats: 5.5mm
  • total length: 233mm
  • shaft length: 127mm
  • tip Outer diameter: 9mm

(Please Note: the flanged screws used for securing PCI cards within PCs typically have a larger head size and are therefore not compatible with this driver).