SS-02 solder sucker with flexible silicone nozzle

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The ENGINEER SS-02 solder sucker pump offers the latest in solder removal technology. The flexible silicone nozzle tip is heat resistant to 350C, so can make direct contact with the soldering iron tip - this allows the nozzle to 'envelope' the solder joint, which dramatically improves suction resulting in less solder residue after each activation (see gallery photos). You can view the Demo Video here -
  • innovative flexible silicone nozzle tip allows closer placement to the soldering iron tip (resulting in better suction & solder removal)
  • withstands direct contact with soldering iron tip (350C max)
  • compact design allows easy one handed operation
  • highest quality construction & components used
  • easily disassembled for quick maintenance
  • supplied with 1 x 50mm length of silicone tube (which can be cut down for replacement nozzles)
  • made in Japan (ROHS compliant)