ENGINEER TR-11 metal taper reamer bit, hand or power tool operated

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The ENGINEER TR-11 Taper Reamer bit is ideal for enlarging (opening out) and chamfering holes in aluminium, thin steel plate & similar metals.It's also perfect for pipe deburring. The bit has a standard 6.35mm (¼") hexagonal shaft so it can be used with compatible T-Handles (not supplied) or other compatible handles/grips. 

The TR-11 can also be used with power drivers too (not suitable for use in impact drivers). 

  • Ideal for drilling, expanding and chamfering aluminum and thin steel plates or pipe deburring
    standard 6.35mm (¼") hexagonal shaft - you can use it with your power tool (not for use in impact drivers)
  • for hole sizes 3mm~11.5mm
  • constructed from robust carbon steel (hardness HRC55-58)
  • made in Japan