precision wire strippers. Engineer pa-06
  • precision wire strippers. Engineer pa-06

PA-06 pro wire strippers (AWG16~AWG30)

  • • strips both stranded copper wire AWG30-AWG18 (SWG33-SWG19) & solid core AWG28-AWG16 (SWG30~SWG18)
  • • exceptionally sharp & precise carbon steel jaws
  • • clean edge to the insulation strip, with no damage to the copper conductor wires (unlike most automatic wire strippers)
  • • spring loaded for easy operation (handles latch shut for storage).oil-resistant TPR (thermoplastic rubber) grips for unmatched comfort - strap holes at end of handles
  • • original joint-screw 'by ENGINEER' allows easy & quick maintenance
  • • constructed from S55C Carbon Steel
  • • made in Japan (ROHS compliant)
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The ENGINEER PA-06 are professional grade wire strippers with razor sharp stripping jaws designed to remove insulation from thin gauge diameter wires swiftly, neatly and without deformation.

This tool also has crimping dies capable of crimping a variety of mini / micro crimp pins.
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