arrowhead tip tweezers, 125mm. Engineer pt-07
  • arrowhead tip tweezers, 125mm. Engineer pt-07
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  • arrowhead tip tweezers
  •  125mm engineer pt-07 product photo 2
  • arrowhead tip tweezers

PT-07 arrowhead tweezers (stainless steel, 125mm)

  • • arrowhead tip tweezers, 125mm long
  • • ideal for handling sensitive components etc.
  • • constructed from stainless steel (SUS304 - chrome 18 / nickel 8)
  • • anti-magnetic, anti-acid and anti-corrosive
  • • medium spring action
  • • ROHS compliant
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The ENGINEER PT-07 are stainless steel tweezers, 125mm long, with an arrowhead tip and serrated jaws, making them ideal for firmly gripping and handling small, precise or sensitive components.

These tweezers have a medium sprung action.
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