screw removal pliers. Engineer pz-57 m2 neji-saurus
  • screw removal pliers. Engineer pz-57 m2 neji-saurus
  • neji-saurus screw removal pliers (mini) engineer pz-57 product photo 3
  • neji-saurus screw removal pliers (mini)

PZ-57 neji-saurus mini screw pliers

  • • quickly extract damaged screws, specialised screws - even tamper proof screws
  • • much easier to use than other screw extracting products - just grip & twist the damaged screw out
  • • ideal for extracting damaged small / specialized screws as found on mobile phones, tablets/pads, laptops, PCs, HDDs etc.
  • • front jaws extract screws with a head diameter of 2mm-3.5mm
  • • ESD safe comfort grips (constructed from oil resistant thermoplastic elastomer)
  • • strap holes at end of grips
  • • constructed from S55C carbon steel (Hardness: HRC 56±2)
  • • made in Japan (ROHS compliant)
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The ENGINEER PZ-57 neji-saurus screw removal pliers will remove problematic ruined small / mini-sized screws quickly with ease. Crafted in Japan, the plier's unique jaw groove and lip design, allows you to firmly grip a screw and simply twist it out (normal pliers would just slip off) - the jaws can even grip & extract truss head screws (low-profile dome heads) as well custom/specialized and tamper-proof screws.
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