PAS-33 pin extractor 3.1mm (ID), 3.6mm (OD)

  • • an ejector tool for extracting (circular ended) crimped pins from their crimp housings
  • • simple operation - ejects crimp pins quickly & with ease
  • • ID (Inside Diameter) of 3.1mm & an OD (Outside Diameter) of 3.6mm
  • • built-in return spring to protect the ejector prong whilst not in use
  • • precision engineering from Japan (ROHS compliant)

The ENGINEER PAS-33 is a dedicated tool for extracting 'circular ended' crimp pins from their housing quickly & with ease.

This ejector tool has an ID (Inside Diameter) of 3.1mm & an OD (Outside Diameter) of 3.6mm

This PAS type of ejector tool has a built-in return spring - this 'pulls in' (retracts) the ejector prong back into its nozzle after operation - this prevents the ejector pin from being damaged during transportation, storage or whilst being placed down temporarily.

(Please note: This extractor tool will not work with crimp pins that have square shaped ends - only circular ended pins)   

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